Bernard Maisner (Calligrapher/Artist)
I am an artist as well,having graduated from Cooper Union College of Art in NYC.  I tend to judge instruction rather critically.  We are very pleased with what Karen provides to our daughter for her weekly instruction. Karen has a natural intuition in perceiving the needs of her students.
Marie Busch Beebe( School Principal) 
 Mrs. La Du is a professional artist and teacher who makes art doable to every student.  Mrs. La Du is to be commended for her patience, precise instructions, creativity and the ability to impart her love or the arts to her students.
Suzanne Tombs ( Home Schooler, Parent of Students)
......... Karen was instructing large groups (over 25) of children spanning grades pre-K -6.  I imagine that this might have proved challenging to some but Karen did it seamlessly and designed art projects which could be managed by young students without frustration/at the same time older students worked not on the same project with added embellishments to challenge them......Her love of art shows through the quality of her work. Karen's understanding of art its uses and its power to enrich a school's curriculum are evident in her lessons, which I have had the pleasure of seeing first hand.
Bonnie A. Behrman (Director of Bay Head School of Ballet & Violin/Dancer)
.....makes the lessons fun for children without removing the sophistication from the subject matter.  She encourages each child to think for herself and to do her best.  As a fine artist herself, Mrs. La Du is passionate about the subject of art. She inspires the children to love and appreciate Art.......also works with teenagers and adults.  She has successfully aided high school students prepare portfolios and be accepted into college art programs. Karen is an inspiring teacher of the highest standards.
Noel Lefebvre (former student, currently associate professor Rhode Island School of Design)
I believe she is especially dedicated to art and art education because of her child at heart attitude and her daughter, both of which are a constant source of inspiration.  As an art educator, Karen takes the time necessary to get to know every student...an outstanding educator .....with the personality necessary to handle inquisitive minds that wish to experiment. 
William Hegerich (History teacher at MATES  [Marine Academy of Technology and Environmental Sciences], Manahawkin, NJ and former United States Marine) I just read your article about the work you were doing ....it's refreshing to know that you are thing such a powerful stance for the arts and against the state of nepotism in the public sector. Art is so fundamental in human expression and our density. It connects us all and transcends political views, and socioeconomic status. The arts are part of our psyche. In my opinion, funding a top of the line education system needs to be the key issue for the evolution of this country.  Keep up the great work.
Tonya (Former Student, Fine Arts Graduate, currently working in a teaching degree program geared to struggling urban districts) Karen has been my teacher, mentor and friend.....inspired and challenged me in the process of creating artwork and the concepts around it....the value of my own work......with Karen I was encouraged and inspired to study art in college.  I successfully earned a BFA with 3 separate concentrations in Painting, Ceramics & Art Therapy.....now on the part to become an art educator. Through Karen I have been able to nurture and foster my artistic talents into a career...... She would be a wonderful asset to any school's art department.